An evocative journey to get to know the place and the production processes of the Crosarola winery up close. Sebastiano is waiting for you to guide you in your tastings.

A cellar with the surrounding landscape

Crosarola is a name that was born in 2000: Sebastiano Righetti was inspired by a marble cross that was already at the entrance to the estate. It all began from that entrance, from that cross placed to delimit an empty space: our cellar was built where there was nothing and was built a little at a time, starting from the dryer, essential to start and produce our wine. We then moved on to the barrel area and gradually expanded and added other spaces, including a tasting room and a panoramic terrace.

And all-around a fantastic landscape, lying between hills, small villages, and our vineyards: those beautiful pergolas from whose bunches, respecting traditional processing processes, we produce Amarone, Valpolicella, Recioto, and Boteghin, the latter is the IGT that most reflects the history of the Righetti family.

A journey into the senses

Whether you are a wine lover, a lover of nature, and unusual itineraries, come to Valpolicella, to our winery located in Casterna, between the towns of Fumane and San Pietro. Here you can walk among the vineyards, get to know the place and the production processes up close, inebriating yourself with the aromas and flavors of our wines: we will guide you in tastings able to illustrate the organoleptic qualities of each of our labels, but also stories and anecdotes of a wine with ancient origins.